Thursday, September 11, 2008

Feeling Patriotic?

Check out these Red, White, and Blue listings at Faerie Garden Fancies...
Sept 11th Candy Wrapper Bracelet by BunnySept 11th Croceted Bracelet by EsmeSept 11th Candy Wrapper Bracelet by EsmeSupport Our Troops Bracelet by Bunny
Pomona Goddess of Apples Necklace by BunnyBeckoning Cat, Maneki Neko, by BunnyMiniature Bottle of Wine by BunnyRed & White Mushroom Bead
One Skull Bead by BunnyBijou Bunny Magnet by BunnyMarbled Leaf Pendant by BunnyAnother Skull Bead by Bunny
Blue Flower Pin by BunnyThree Blueberry Beads by BunnyI Have Your Heart - Original Pastel and Ink Drawing by EsmeFind the Magic

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