Saturday, September 06, 2008

Big City Shopping

As you may have heard me mention, we live in the sticks, the boonies, middle of nowhere, etc... and we have no civilization. Can't even get pizza delivered. And the local stores may have the supplies for sushi, but they're all dusty. And the Chinese Buffet is the only really exotic place to eat. Oh wait, there was a Thai place; it may close before I get to eat there though... That's how our town works. We don't even have a Taco Bell.

ANYWAY, I am not here to complain... I am here because we went to Syracuse today (Camillus actually, but close enough) and we stopped at Wegman's and browsed. I love to do that now. We find so many things we just *can't* get up here...

Today, I got canned eels for sushi. I *hope* they're like the ones the restaurant has... And I found my Ritter Sport with Marzipan that the drugstore stopped selling. Yum! And I got some chocolate Ice Cubes which I haven't had in years... And I got some new fangled product made with figs and pistachios and harissa and sesame... Not bad!

But then there was this, in with the Indian products. I do not know what it was, but the packaging is ... unique.

They had all kinds of things I wanted to try though... They had baby pineapples (size of an apple!), and prickly pear, and horned fruit, and some other funky fruits... And they had those things that we read about in the Shabanu book, whose name escapes me completely NAAN (thank you my love)... So many other things too, I forget them all...

Maybe moving to a city for a while would be ok... I bet I could try bubble tea even...


  1. Big city! ROTFL! There are many advantages to living in the city. It wears me down after awhile...but for a can be good!

  2. What fun! I've never heard of chocolate ice cubes before. I'm not a big fan of bubble tea. I like my tappioca in pudding. LOL

  3. Never heard of chocolate ice cubes or bubble tea. Hmm....

    Where you live sounds like our town. If we need something that we can't get here (which is not unusual) we have to drive a hour. The most exotic place we have is the chinese restaurant. But if you live in town, you can get pizza hut delievery. But living in the country, they refuse to deliever. Some people.... rofl

  4. Chocolate ice cubes are these delicious milk chocolate squares that just melt in your mouth. I don't know how they do it but they are so melty...


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