Friday, August 08, 2008


Wow... Seems like lately all my posts have been 365-pics... Sorry about that... But I have an excuse! I've been really busy making ART! Hehehe...

I've been drawing and painting and playing with my polymer clay a lot lately, and I've been taking online courses, so I've been busy with that. If you want to check out the things I have up for sale, you can always check my Etsy shop and I do have a few things on eBay (seller name BunnyKissd, big surprise). Later I'll be uploading some things to my DA and I've also got some empty scrapbooking albums up for sale on craigslist... We've also opened a Caf├ęPress shop with one of Esme's beautiful mermaid watercolors... Oh and if anyone is into jello molds, check out Jacqueline's Etsy shop where she has tons of vintage copper & cast iron stuff!

I keep meaning to work on the {stay}cation challenges, but totally seem to run out of time during the day! I've been up til after midnight almost every night for the past month! I need to start getting to bed sooner...

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