Saturday, August 23, 2008

Before I forget...

...because I have a habit of doing that.

We've added some new things to the shop, just some little odds & ends I've been messing about with - and the kids too! Esme has her own section, and JoAnn & Ant will soon too. Hopefully we can get Lia to make some things to add as well...

Faerie Garden Fancies...

Tie-Dye Like Pentacle Pendant

Cornstalk Pin

I Have Your Heart drawing by Esme

Don't forget, everything posted in June is on sale! $2 off the first of the mermaids (only 2 of them left!) and 50% off the rest!

Keep checking back as we post more things nearly daily now, and we'll be adding Mabon items very soon! ^_^

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