Friday, August 01, 2008

Selling Myself...

Oh yeah and before I forget! We opened a Caf├ęPress shop because Es did this really cute water color and I just thought it was so perfect, I wanted magnets and stuff with it on it! LOL! How weird am I??? Anyway, it's here:

AND some of you may have noticed already (or Jacqueline mentioned it), there's an End of Season Sale going on at my Etsy shop! All my mermaid tiles & pins are 25% off, and the Summer Solstice stuff is 50% off!!! I've also added some Harvest Cornstalks (more harvest goodies coming soon!) and now offer Custom Banners/Headers!

Don't forget you can always place a custom order through Etsy's Alchemy service by clicking on the *Request Custom Item* on the right in my shop, and it'll walk us both through the process! LOL! Anyway, check it out:

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