Monday, August 18, 2008


I have been so busy with a million other things that I haven't had time to visit Neopets much, but I got some time today...

The Jelly Keeper says 'Remember... only one helping per day!'

You take some Smelly Jelly!!! Congratulations!

Ew! Smelly jelly??? That just looks disgusting...

OMG did you know I got a warning from the Neopets team? I wanted to advertise the Meerca I had won and decided to sell on eBay; so I read and reread over & over and had Jacqueline read it and we couldn't see how this would be against the rules. And I didn't even post a link, just said it was on eBay, my seller name, and that it was the only one up. And they sent me a *warning* that I wasn't allowed to post links to ANY offsite places. Meh. I sent them a polite letter back through their comment thing, but I'll never hear back. I hope they don't ever freeze me for something stupid. I love my pets...

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