Sunday, August 24, 2014

52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 52

Hello, my fellow creative photographers!

Welcome to the FINAL week in my 52-Week Photo Challenge!

Can you believe we made it this far? I can't! Hooray!

By this time next Sunday, I'll try to have a list of all the challenges in a nice image format for you all to pin or share however...

So on to this week's challenge! It's NIGHT!

Wait for the sun to set and get creative with your camera! OR find another way to interpret the challenge!

Here's mine:
Night falls.
Click to embiggen!
Since I've been using my tablet, I couldn't do some of the *really* creative ideas I had, but I love how I was able to edit this and upload it right from the Nexus! The reflection of the sky on the way was so pretty; getting the flowers in the shot was the only hard part!

So how about you? How will you interpret this challenge?

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