Monday, June 03, 2013

Product Review: Lime Wheat Thins Snack Crackers

Wow, Wheat Thins!  What have you done?  So many flavors!  I wish I could try them all, but worry I won't like them.  (Then what do I do with the rest?) 

However, when I saw these lime crisps I could not resist.  LIME flavor, without the added heat of CHILI.  AMAZING CONCEPT!  (Yes, thank you, Tostito's, for being one of the first to do it!  Now if only we could convince everyone else that they will sell more lime things if they leave out the heat!)

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First you might note the little sticker in the upper right corner of the box; that is for a promotion they were running via social media.  Send them a photo of your box (which I had already taken for this review) and then after they reply, you can "make a claim" on the loss of your box (which means you could enter a contest to win a full set of all 8 of the new Wheat Thin flavors).

Sadly, these crackers were just as disappointing as the Smokey BBQ ones we tried.  They just don't seem to pack enough of a flavor oomph as they need to balance out the "Wheat Thin" flavor; not that there is anything wrong with "Wheat Thin" flavor, but I like my snack flavor to be consistently flavorful throughout.  (Gosh, that sounds funny!)

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As you can see there is a little green & white powder on the cracker, and it gives a great lime flavor, just not enough in my opinion for a cracker.  After the initial flavor rush of the first bite, it's just boring Wheat Thin flavored.  :\ 

I really like the lime flavor, they have great potential if they add more, but for now, they're not really worth the carbs for this diabetic.  So it is with regret that I must give these...

One ear up!

6-22-13 ETA: I followed through with their fun little contest and got a coupon for one free box of Wheat Thins this past week along with this note:

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We picked out Cheese Crunch and love them!

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