Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easy Canvas Prints

Last fall I was approached by a representative from with an opportunity to get a free 11”x14” canvas in exchange for a write-up on my blog.  With the hub-bub of our annual fall vacation and then the holidays, it wasn't until recently that I was able to take the time to order the canvas print for review.  I chose this photo taken a few years ago that the whole family was able to get into...

When I received my canvas print, I have to admit to a bit of disappointment.

The quality of the canvas was very nice (I opted for a wrap-around image, so this looks cropped a bit more than it really was), but I thought perhaps my original photo wasn't high enough quality or there was a discrepancy between my monitor colors and theirs, because the print seemed much darker than the original image on my screen, the colors weren't right, and it seemed that a lot of detail was lost (from the sky) or pixelated (in the faces).  So when I got an email asking how I liked the print, I was honest about my personal disappointment, but let them know that the family loved it and that was all that mattered.

Megan, the rep for Easy Canvas Prints, was very helpful in explaining about their art review team that will stop print and contact you if your image is too grainy to print, but they will let any orders they feel are good enough to print go ahead and be printed.  She also included a link to the following image which shows how they brightened my original image so the details could be seen better...

She even offered another free canvas in 8x10 size to replace this one, which I was going to take her up on, but have since reconsidered.  In writing this post, I saw for the first time their preview side by side with my original.  Mine really was darker, and I know from my own photo editing that brightening an image can add some unwanted artifacts and mean the loss of light colored details.  Just take a look at this image, where I've overlaid theirs on top of my original and sliced off part so you can see how it's been improved.

Of course you can also see that it's been cropped a bit more than I thought as well as the brightening, but I may have sized my original with an incorrect ratio, and they haven't removed anything important.  I really think the problem was in choosing such a finely detailed photo for a coarsely textured canvas print.

Overall, I found the site easy to navigate and order from.  They had a quick turn-around time, with quality canvas prints and excellent customer service.  As an artist who edits everything specifically for printing a certain way, I found it a bit frustrating to have my photo not print as I envisioned it.  However, for someone who wants a nice photo turned into a lovely, personal piece of art, Easy Canvas Prints is a wonderful company to work with.  If you're interested, you can get 50% off PLUS free shipping on your next order, just by clicking "Like" on their Facebook page!

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