Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Etsy Blogger of the Month: MysticWynd

Say hello to the March Blogger of the Month...

She says it best herself, "Whether your style is simple or bold, classic or trendy, elegant or glitzy, Mystic Wynd has something for you at a price you can afford from a craftsperson with a simple philosophy -
An awareness of peace and love rose anew, As the spirit found truth and the Mystic Wynd blew..."

And she has got the most gorgeous jewelry for sale in her shop.  Here are some of my favorites...

Gardener's Copper Charm Bracelet w Flowers

Tidal Pool Necklace in Blues and Greens

Indian Agate Goddess Pendant w Necklace

Celestial Glow - Goddess Earrings with Labradorite

Don't forget to check out her shop and blog, and see what's there that might be calling to you...

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  1. Thanks so much for the feature of my shop! It's been such an honor being the blogger of the month - my favorite part has been seeing what items people are sharing from my shop! It's great being team mates with so many wonderful and talented bloggers!


    MysticWynd on Etsy
    Mystic Wynd


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