Sunday, February 06, 2011

Writer's Block: Super Bowl XLV

I usually don't answer these, and certainly not over here on the blogspot as they're an LJ kinda thing, but this one I really wanted to share...

Are you watching the Super Bowl this year? If not, how will you enjoy the day? If you are watching, how will you be celebrating the game?

In the past, I've made special themed pizzas or other dishes in honor of the teams playing, and headed to my mom's for a party, where most of us just watched the commercials and half-time show, but some actually watched the game. However, in the past few years, our family has just stayed home because of the snow, but still had a special meal, and watched the commercials via the internet.

Since we've been carless for a week now - and our oven doesn't work - we don't really have the ingredients - or means - to make one of my special pizzas (I was thinking Philly Cheesesteak with Wisconsin cheddar of course... ~_^ ), or any other special Superbowl food. So I think we'll just be hanging out as usual and watching the commercials sometime... I see quite a few are already available for your viewing pleasure! ^-^ <--HILARIOUS!

And Hulu has last year's up still, and will have all of this year's too:

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