Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I have seen it and played with it before, but never so much as I did last night!

I was challenged by Gala Darling to create a Polyvore to show her what I'd like to wear on Christmas Day. Yes, it is for a contest, but I honestly don't care if I win...

So let me tell you about this... Since it was about what I'd *like* to wear, not what I *am* going to wear - because honestly, with all the driving in cold rainy snowy weather I am going to have to do, I'm going to dress sensibly and boringly - I imagined that I was spending the holiday in a more urban, slightly more southerly clime, like NYC. Although, even that may not be south enough this year... Think still a little snow around to make things festive, cold enough to want gloves to keep your fingers warm and be comfortable in a fashionable bunny-eared hat & scarf, but not so cold that you need a coat (just a warm sweater) or that your legs freeze wearing a skirt. (And yes, I am well aware that that skirt is a school uniform and that it doesn't even *come* in a plaid like that, but if that skirt in the picture existed, I would wear it.)

So I would bundle myself up all cute-like, and I & the one(s) I love would go exploring the city, looking at the holiday displays, chatting and taking pics of whatever caught our eye... Of course, we would be on the constant look out for mistletoe wherever we could find it, just for opportunity to kiss. (Hence the Burt's Bees!)

The bag? Well, even if the best gifts aren't under the tree, I still hope there'd be some I need to carry home, besides how am I going to carry my warm fuzzy bunny slippers? I'll need them to warm my toes once we got to wherever we're going and I take off my boots...

So...what would you want to wear on Christmas day? Link me to your Polyvore!

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