Thursday, August 02, 2012

Pincurl Girls

Have you seen Jen Landis' Pincurl Girls?  They're adorable!  This one make me think of Lia when she was littler, wore her hair this way, and broke out dancing anywhere & everywhere (now she's more likely to start turning cartwheels)...

Dancing makes my soul sing

I originally found the site because someone somewhere mentioned the Believe in Yourself Bracelets.  You place the bunch of pretty beaded bracelets (jelly bracelets available for girls under 12) on one wrist; and when you catch yourself thinking a negative thought about yourself, you turn that thought around and move a bracelet to the other wrist.  I love the idea of a visual & tactile way to stop negative thinking and encourage positive thinking.

I Believe in Myself Bracelets in action

But it's the whimsical little girls that keep me popping back in to see what's new!  Jen has a whole line of inspirational art prints like the one at the top that just sing of love & support, and she even offers custom portraits of that special little (or not-so-little) girl - or BOY! - in your life...

Custom Portraits - A One of a Kind Gift

No matter which of Jen's products you choose - bracelets, portraits or prints, journals, and more - you can be assured that they all "offer a loving reminder that you are loved and you can do whatever you set your mind to!"

Visit Pincurl Girls at

P.S. Jen is turning 40 this month and to celebrate she's giving *you* the present! Purchase a print or set of I Believe in Myself bracelets from now 'til the end of the month, and get one FREE!

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