Friday, May 25, 2012


So yes, I've decided Pinterest is a good thing.  Instead of saving recipes & links & images I like to my hard drive, I can now just pin them!  I always try to make sure I find the original source and give proper credit, but sometimes it seems nearly impossible!  I wish others were as careful. 

I think it's great for businesses and artists too!  What a great way to get your art & products out there where people can see it!  Even if it's not linked back properly, if someone wants it bad enough, they can drag & drop the image to a google image search and find it!

Anyway, I tried 2 recipes I found there yesterday and I thought I'd share my results!

I came across these cute flower cookies (not my repin or my friend's, but I can't find either!) and had wanted to make them for Jacqueline for her birthday, but I wasn't sure how pretty they'd be; so I had to look high & low to find images of the finished recipe.  I finally found it here, and then realized I'd need to make some color sugar, which happened to be another pin I saw one day (again, can't find mine or my friends').

So the cookies I thought were sooper fussy.  I was glad for Lia's help, but even still we decided to do only one sheet.  They didn't come out as pretty as expected either.  I think the sugar wasn't as vibrant as it could have been, and would have been prettier if we'd have turned the flowers over after cutting, before baking.

Click to embiggen!

We made some other shapes and then just made the balls rolled in the colored sugar and squashed them.  They were pretty good cookies too!  We used the recipe that was posted at RubyLemons' blogspot and actually saved about 1/2 the dough to make another Pinterest favorite, which I'll post about after we make it!  ^-^

Click to embiggen!

I also recently shared a pin that I thought I should share with my readers as well.  I wish I could take credit for the idea, but it was all Jacqueline!

Pop the top out of your empty salad dressing bottles (we use a fork tine, bamboo skewer, or chopstick) then snap it into other bottles that don't have the smaller hole.  You'll be amazed at the bottles it fits into!  We use them in dressing bottles w/o that smaller hole (this keeps us from dumping too much on our salad), our BBQ sauce (squirt out a nice line on hot dogs and pretty squigglies on omelets), and even in our vegetable oil bottle for easy measuring of small amounts & splashing  just a bit into frying pans.

So do you have a Pinterest?  I'd love to add you!

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