Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lia's Nails

This weekend is the final gathering of Lia's RE class, an overnight camping trip, and she asked me to do her nails. (Kinda funny if you actually think about it, but it's not that kind of camping trip!)  Her class is called the OWLs, standing for Our Whole Lives, so she asked for owls on her nails and I was happy to oblige!  ^-^

Click to see bigger & better!

I had planned on doing some cutesty little pop-culture owls, but... well... Everything comes out with more realism than I intend... >.<  A great-horned, a saw-whet, and a snowy, all with glow in the dark eyes.  I should have added glow in the dark paint to the 'OWLs' too, but I just put a little gold shimmer over it.  She did her own basecoat, and the pic was before clean up...

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