Saturday, February 11, 2012

Days 7-10 of my 31 Day Drawing Challenge

Well I bet you though I was slacking off!  Well, I was, but not on the drawing!  I've been too tired to scan & upload; so although I've been drawing, I've just not shared with you!  How selfish of me. So here are the days you've missed...

7. Draw Your Favorite Book

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Mine is Change by Ann Maxwell.  I read a LOT of books, and have a few favorite authors, but this book just struck a chord in me.  No big themes or anything like that, just a good story, with interesting characters and events.

I'm not 100% happy with this sketch, so it's rather unfinished.  There aren't a lot of descriptions of exactly what people wore and how they looked specifically, but I have ideas in my head and getting them on paper is something I've tried before and failed just as miserably.  I want Selena more voluptuous, and the Changling's face should be more human-like... and it's tail is supposed to be 15 feet long!  Anyway, I am closer with this image than before, and I think I might take this idea and move it into a digital image... mebbe when I get a chance with the newly-repaired pen tablet...

8. Draw Your Favorite Movie

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Again, I have lots of "favorite" movies, but Better Off Dead is one that I'll just pop in whenever I'm in the mood - at least a few times a year.  I currently only have it on a copied VHS and *really* need to get it on DVD.

I like this style of line art with the crosshatching to shade, but I'm not very good at it yet.  I also need to remember to draw in pencil first, even when doing the lettering.  I messed that up pretty bad...

Reference photos: here & here

9. Draw Your Favorite Animated Character

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Twilight Sparkle!  ^-^  I am infatuated with My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic and while I like Rainbow Dash & Rarity & Fluttershy an awful lot, I identify the most with Twilight Sparkle.  So I chose her.  But drawing ponies is too easy!  So I did what the kids used to (still?) do, and drew her human persona.  This is her first day in Ponyville, kinda awkward, shy, and nervous to be there, but still trying to smile.

Not getting along with my colored pencils much.  Mebbe it's just the smooth drawing paper.  I dunno.  They don't color the way I want them to.

10. Draw Your Favorite TV Show

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Wow did I ever mess this up.  I could not for the life of me get Rose's face right, and the Doctor's doesn't look quite right either.  Yes, I used a ruler for the Tardis when I did the ink, and no, I didn't try very hard on the background did I... XD

Reference Photo: omg I can't find it now!

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