Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Days 22 to 27 of my 31 Day Drawing Challenge

22. Draw Something You Want

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Long colorful hair, feeling pretty & healthy, but mostly JOY...

23. Draw Something You Miss
After drawing this, I decided not to post it.  Like a smoker misses smoking, sometimes you miss things that just aren't good for you.

24. Draw Something You Need

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Showers of money right into my bank account please...  XD

25. Draw a Couple

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Two Peas in a Pod!  ^o^

26. Draw Scenery

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I've been wanting to draw a tree on a hill for a long time now.  This one I left uncolored so I could color it digitally.  I'll post the finished product when it's done!

27. Draw Something You Don't Like

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Canned Asparagus.  Love it fresh, just don't like it canned. 

And may I comment just one more time about how I hate my scanner for messing up the colors so much...!!!

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