Sunday, February 19, 2012

Days 13-17 of my 31 Day Drawing Challenge

13. Draw Your Most Recent Accomplishment

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I know this seems a strange "accomplishment" but I feel a strange sense of pride about it.  You see I've never thought of myself as a salesman - Can't do sales!  Can't convince someone that they need something when I don't really think they do... - but I did it.  I sold this brush to a customer who had already put it back and earned myself some Reward points. 

14. Draw a Comic

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Since this challenge fell on Valentine's Day, I wanted to make a cheesy Valentine-themed comic.  I love this!  ^-^

15. Draw Your Favorite Fairy Tale

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Technically I don't have a favorite, but this is Jacqueline's favorite, so I chose to draw it for her...  it's not at all like I had envisioned it, but I still like it.

16. Draw a Family Picture

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I've done a few of these already, and this isn't my original idea, but I wound up with less time than I thought; so you get a Brady Bunch-style drawing.  LOL!  Some of these don't look anything like us... XD

17. Draw Your Inspiration

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My grandmother.


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