Saturday, August 28, 2010

Young at Heart

A friend of mine, inspired by my rainbow cake (and another friend's), recently made her own and posted about it. This is the recipe she used, where all the layers have fruit flavors. (OMG YUM!) But what *REALLY* got to me about this post was not the cake (although it really does sound fabulous!); what got to me was the story.

Let me share here in case, you don't want the added cake distraction...

...a wild flash of black tulle and hot pink beads flew past me. I was shocked. It had been a long time since I'd seen such 80's retro style worn with such Stopping to stare out the corner of my eye, I took in the flash.
Neon pink Lace shirt layered beneath a pink concert tee.
Black tulle tutu.
Jelly bracelets from wrist to mid-ulna.
Crimped hair.
Pink tennis shoes with giant lace bows.
As I was not-staring, 80's Girl turned toward me. Her hair gave way to her profile. Then her face. I was shocked! 80's Girl wasn't a girl at all. She was an "80's WOman!" The gal toting said Cyndi Lauper gear was no high school, teeny-bopper wannabe. Nosirree. Before me stood a round, freckle faced forty-something and instantly, I loved her.
All that color.
All that style.
All that life experience.
All that tulle.
It made me think. Growing older doesn't have to mean growing gray. Everyday can be prismatic hues of light and loveliness. I just have to remember to put them on in the morning.

I want to be that reminder to others...

I don't want to blend into the background, another 40-something lady fading away to grey. I want to wear tulle and rainbow colors and rabbit ears... I want to dance in the rain... and the sun... IN PUBLIC! I want to talk to strangers in public places, find out about their lives, make them smile. I want to be bold, daring, different! I want to put aside the stupid little voices in my head that say, OMG no! Blend in! Hide! Don't stand out or you'll be teased!

I want to LIVE and be JOYFUL! And I want it to spread to EVERYONE like some viral disease...

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