Friday, August 20, 2010

Photo Friday: The Street

^*This*^ was the shot I was going for, but while I was out there, waiting for traffic to die down (man we have a lot for being so out in the boonies!), I got v*this*v shot too!

Which do *you* like better?


  1. Well, for me, who looks at things way too technically, I have to say I like the second one better. The wires at the top of the first one are distracting. However, even if the wires were cropped out, I would still say the second one. That critter has SUCH character.

  2. See, I deliberately left the poles & wires in to act as a frame... you think they're distracting though? Hmmm...

    I do like the 2nd one best too, but I think I'm partial to wildlife shots... They just show up at such unexpected times & places around here...


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