Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Etsy Blogger of the Month: MagdaleneJewels

Whoa! Can't believe I let so much of the month go by without sharing April's Blogger of the Month!

Magdalene Jewels

And she's got a second shop!

Magdalene Knits

Here are some of my favorites from her shops...

This necklace is so pretty!

And such a cozy neck-warmer! But hopefully I won't need one for a few months! ~_^

Don't forget to check out her shops and blog, and see what's there that might be calling to you...

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  1. Hey Crazy Bunny Lady - thanks for writing about my shops - I 'm glad you liked the two items you choose - the yarn from the neckwarmer was made and handdyed by our own Blogger "Sassy"!
    See you in the Forums!
    Thanks Pam


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