Thursday, April 08, 2010

BlogCarnival: Easter Tradition

RainyDayArt gives us the topic: Easter is April 4, what family traditions do you do for Easter?

Ever since we moved here, we've had a big Easter egg hunt with the kids. We fill nearly 100 plastic eggs with candy (sometimes coins), and before the kids wake up, Jacqueline wanders around our 3 acres to hide them all. As the kids get up, they have to find their baskets in the house, which usually have a few unwrapped candies (jelly beans) and things too big for eggs (a bigger chocolate bunny, some peeps, and webkinz this year).

Then when they're all up, they gather in the kitchen and we give them the low-down: how many eggs they each can find (used to be 25, now the packages of plastic eggs don't come with so many in them so it's down to 21 this year...), where they might be (in the woods, in the house...), etc.... Some years, we've given the younger girls a 5 to 10 minute head start; this year they all took off at once!

Some years, there has still been snow on the ground (as you can see in the photo above), and one year, the snow was so deep, we postponed it until June! XD (It was the earliest time we could find the time when the weather was nice enough!) This year was perfect for it! ^-^

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