Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wishcasting Wednesday

I am so tired right now, and was just skimming the blogs I have on my reader, not planning to reply to any really, or even take the time to post anything, but I read Jamie's post about Wishcasting Wednesday and it struck a chord with me - as tomorrow is my gift-daughter's Sweet Sixteenth, and I wish her much - so I had to post something small...

She asked: What do you wish for your family?

And to that I reply:
  • I wish my gift-daughter Esme a life of joy and laughter, love and happiness, enough to be satisfied but not so much to lose the drive and desire for more: more life, more learning, more exploring.

  • I wish my father health and happiness and joy, contentedness in his life and where things are now.
  • I wish my mother peace and love and light, and happiness and joy.

  • I wish my grandmother health and joy and vitality.

  • I wish my Sunshine peace and joy and laughter and love, health and well-being, and a feeling of safety and security.

  • And for everyone in my family, whether by blood or history or heart, I wish you enough. (And yes, I am referring to that cheesy, get-the-tissues-out story that you've been forwarded a million times in your email, but in case you haven't seen it, you can read it here.)


  1. I love your beautifully written wishes for your family!
    I checked out your profile. My Family is from your town! I was up there in October for my Aunt's funeral.
    My Father has a campground in the 1,000 Islands.
    My Father's family and Mother's family has lived in Oswego for many, many generations.
    Wow! It's a very small world!

  2. As you wish for yourself, dear Bunnykissd, I so wish for you as well.


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