Thursday, July 23, 2009


Oooo.... Look what I found!

I hope it doesn't get taken down....


  1. i say it's not playing...i don't think there's an actual trailer out...i've heard the film is still in post production doing CG work & what have you seen this clip? cuz i HAVE to know...for my blog's sake...;}

  2. Yes, this morning when I posted it, it was playing. I even got several comments about it on my LJ... :\ I am sad it isn't showing now... :(

  3. Oh poo, I missed it! I saw it when it leaked the first time, they need to just go ahead and officially release it already! lol

  4. Maggi, they finally did! At the official site, here, or at IMDB, here... ^-^ YAY!


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