Sunday, July 12, 2009

Musical Monday

I thought for something new and exciting, that I'd try a Musical Monday! (In addition to my Mosaic Monday Bunday, because that's just too much fun to stop.)

What is Musical Monday all about? Well, you can go here to read all the gory details, but basically the aim here is to post a song that's been *moving* you lately.

Lately I've not been listening to too much *moving* music, but these songs got me moving right out of my chair to boogie around the room a bit...


Framing Hanley (hawt!)

Mika (adorable video!)

Lil' Wayne (Yeah same as Framing Hanley...)

The Chordettes

Yeah, I've got lollipops on the brain... XD


  1. awesome post!

    uuhh that second one... i'm fanning myself! lol

  2. This was a fun post. Great pick. Have a wonderful Monday..

  3. Being a bit of an oldie myself, I really enjoyed the last video. Great choice!

    We'll be starting a new meme called Small World Saturday on August 1. I hope that you'll join us; it should be lots of fun!

  4. The first is really cute, my oldest is real into Japanese anything I am sure she would like it too. Framing Hanley hands down has an amazing voice and the beat/style of their version is awesome, although the type of song is not something I would pick out that guy can Sing!

  5. What a great theme! :) Happy Musical Monday ... on Thursday! lol


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