Wednesday, July 01, 2009


In addition to today being Canada Day - *tips hat to all my Canadian friends* - today is also Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day; so naturally when I saw Turkey Hill's Movie Night ice cream, I had to buy it! Part of their Dynamic Duos line, it comes with one side popcorn flavored with popcorn and praline peanuts and the other vanilla flavored with caramel. I cannot wait to try it!

Maybe we can come up with a creative Canadian-themed flavor... Maple bacon? Meh, been there, done that... Poutine ice cream? Um... I think not. Any ideas?

Oh, interested in trying your own popcorn flavored ice cream? Here are some recipes:
ETA: The popcorn ice cream is *so* GOOD! Creamy, buttery, slightly salty... Oh so fabu!

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  1. After researching the traditional foods of Canada, I think Canada Ice Cream should be ice cream flavored with real maple syrups with assorted berries in it including wild blueberries, saskatoon berries, and salmonberries. Other of different berries could be used though.


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