Sunday, May 31, 2009


Wow! When I first read about this award, I immediately thought of several people who totally deserved it. I didn't think of myself though!

This is the BOTIBOTO Award, an award given to "women who are Beautiful On The Inside and therefore naturally Beautiful On The Outside," (Anita Revel at igoddess) and it was awarded to me by Anita Revel, creatrix of the award, herself! The award was inspired by the book of the same name which is parable to inspire women all over to realize being beautiful on the inside makes you naturally beautiful on the outside! (And it's available online for a very small donation!)

And of course, like other blogger awards, it is my honor to pass this award on to others who personify this idea:
  1. Of course the first person I thought of was my beloved, Jacqueline Parks, particularly her Not Your Typical Weight Loss Blog blog. Her honesty and willingness to share her struggles never fail to move me.

  2. Then there is Kali, who is not Just Another Frugal Pixie no matter what her blog is titled. Again, I am inspired by her honesty and openness about all aspects of her life: spirituality, relationships, finances...

  3. Another amazing woman is Leonie Allan, creative soul and author of Goddess Guidebook, whose bright watercolors and motivational messages urge us all to find the goddess inside!

  4. I can't say enough about Suzi Blu and her Virtual Academy. Her videos inspire me to keep exploring myself and my art, and to have fun while doing it! ^-^

  5. Last but not least is Tara from Tara's Ramblings. Her faith and forbearance demonstrate a strength that encourages me to find my own strength...

They are all inspiring, motivating, encouraging women who are truly beautiful, inside and out. Ladies, please click here for the details on accepting and passing on the award!

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