Sunday, April 05, 2009

Today's Art

I know I said I'd post pics from April Fool's Day, and I have a review for you all too, but today I ignored everything I thought I *should* do and painted. I bought a little 2.75" square canvas a few weeks ago for some small amount of money; I thought it would make a great trial & error piece for me to play around on before I put more money down on a bigger canvas. I've never worked with one and had no idea how I'd like it...

Anyway, a couple of years ago, I got an idea in my head for a painting and wrote it all down. Last year, I made a little sketch of it. Today, I thought I'd paint it on this little canvas.

Well, canvas doesn't work like I thought. And it doesn't do detail too well - an important factor when painting a 2.75" square. However, I am please with how she came out and am wondering what to do with her now. Do I seal the painting some how? Do I use mod podge? The acrylic spray sealer? Or should I use some thing else? What do my experienced canvas using friends out there use? Your recommendations?

Oh, I suppose you'd like to see this tiny painting, eh? Well, my bunny looks a little too cartoon-y and the bird not so joyful as I sketched. It's also hard to see the egg she's offering, and the scan is really bad. She's smiling when you see it in person, not that weird scrunchy face she's got there, but you get the idea...

Ostara Dawn's Gift

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