Wednesday, April 01, 2009

And we have a winner!

Sorry for not getting to this first thing this morning, but we've been busy pulling pranks on the kids all day! ^o^ But this folks is NOT a prank!

Now is the time to determine who wins this great little package of goodies!

First let's print out a sheet with everyone's entries (email for the first, following and/or a link for any others), then cut them up....

Then we'll fold them all up tiny...

and stuff them in a box!

Then let's have the joyous JoAnn draw a slip to see who won...

The jovial JFargo! Congratulations!

I'll be shipping your package out as soon as I can. Thanks to everyone for playing and keep your eyes open for more games soon! ^-^

P.S. Post about pranks on kids coming next! ^o^

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