Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Lately I've been thinking a lot about the qualities that I want in my dream home. I am hoping it is near the ocean, preferably with a view of that ocean, or even better, right on the beach, of course, with year-round temps appropriate for swimming in said ocean. I want the house to be spacious and light, with lots of windows and high ceilings in some rooms, and enough rooms for everyone to have their own space even if they choose to share bedrooms. Surrounded by beautiful gardens. And of course, I want my own little studio.

I picture it on the second floor, or maybe a separate little playhouse not far from the house. I want my studio to have big windows; so I can see the ocean and the sunset everyday. I'd like to have a small sitting area with 2 big comfy chairs and a coffee table in between right near the windows. Perhaps some of those *windows* are actually French doors, or sliding glass doors, that open onto a small balcony or patio with more chairs and a table, where I can work outside, or have lunch, while enjoying the view and the garden.

Inside there would be a corner desk/table/counter with my computer in the corner. One side would have a clear space for working on that was right in front of a window, and the other would have shelving over it and places to store all my scrapping and crafting supplies. There would be cupboards for hiding messy things, bookshelves for inspirational books and my scrapbooks, and drawers for more storage. I also want room and seating so the whole family can join me in there if they want, for crafting or watching TV, or just hanging out.

Specific tools and things, other than the computer (which would include the printer and scanner big enough for 12x12, excellent speakers for music playing (surround sound?), and a big wall-mounted flat screen for movie watching maybe!), would include a wall-mounted TV/DVD/VCR? combo (not using valuable crafting space!), a toaster oven & pasta maker for my polymer clay things, a light box and really awesome digital camera, an artists table that I can tilt with a lip so things don't go rolling off, a better place for my paints, all kinds of colored pencils, papers... anything for being creative!

I think I'll draw some sketches of what I want... How about you? What would be in your dream studio? Would you have one? If not, what would be your dream room? Tell me!

ETA: Yes, I would want a TV *and* the computer for movie watching because sometimes I like to look things up, etc. mid-movie, and it's annoying to have to pause...

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  1. Your dream home and studio sounds gorgeous! I especially like how you'd have lots of windows-- I made sure when we moved into our new house that my desk in my studio was positioned so I could look out the window if I wanted to.

    I pretty much have my dream room, although it needs a repainting. And I wish there was enough room in here for a comfy couch for people to lounge on if they want to visit. Although, I *do* have a rocking chair. :)


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