Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Changing how we think about Bills...

Wow. This is amazing. Such a revolutionary thought for me! Excerpt from article just posted by Gala Darling...

How about changing your behaviour & feelings about bills or due payments? What about if you didn’t curse & swear when you received a bill in the mail? What if you thought of it as a blessing? Examine it without emotion — that company or person trusts & loves you enough to supply you with something even before you pay! How amazing is that?!

It’s like a message from the universe that it has faith that you can easily generate that money. Think of it like a little cheerleader saying, “You can do it!”

Pay your bills with love & gratitude & it will keep the positive flow going. After all, how does being angry or upset about a bill serve you?

I fear my bills, from the very beginning, because to me they are essentials: electricity, rent, phone, internet... (Yes, some might argue the case against any one of those, but for me they are essentials; this is not debatable at this point.) It scares me that they cost so much, and what if I don't have enough? For a long time it's been a struggle to have enough, not just recently, but since I first started having bills of my own!

So even if we can pay them, I still have fear.

But I like the idea of seeing them as blessings! That they trust me to have enough to pay, that I can have electricity, rent, phone, internet... before paying! And I need to trust the universe to make sure I have enough, and we *have* had it when it's been necessary. The universe has never let me down on that...

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  1. Your site is just delightful. I love the way you look at paying bills and I am going to give it a try. That old fear thing just needs to go away.


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