Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Full Moon Dreamboard

Under the Full Frost Moon, allow that fresh chill in the air to wake you up to your dreams. Let creating your dreamboard be a clarifying act, bringing into focus the dreams that are in your heart. As you create your board, hold gently a request for clarity. Notice what is revealed. ~ Jamie Ridler

The Full Frost Moon asks:
What is clear about your dreams? What further clarity do you seek?

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The Full Frost Moon was a little over a week ago, and although I had collected images and words for it, I found myself under too much pressure in other areas of my life to concentrate on creating my dreamboard. Last night I had some breathing room and was able to finish.

I had selected a background page from a 2012 Audubon calendar of Pisgah National Forest, NC (Photo by Lori Kincaid), mountains all covered with frost, the valley deep with clouds, in honor of the Frost Moon. Then I trimmed my other images and words and started arranging them.

First thing I placed was the large photo of a hare statue on the left and the "garden" in the right corners. The "EASY LIVING," pretty little house and "sweet cottage dreams" fell into place along the bottom as well. I added the word "Safe" and the glittery red and green hearts later. In all my dreams, it's very clear to me that I need a home of my own, with a garden of course, in order to feel a sense of safety, to not feel on the verge of panic like a rabbit.

In the upper left corner on the side, the words "What I Want NOW!" and "What Really Matters--" give a sort of a title to the collage. Across the top, I arranged the words "Let the Sunshine In" and added "to shine all year" -- sunshine for me represents happiness and the good things in life. Another very clear dream for me; I've had enough rainy days, thankyouverymuch.

Along the right side I arranged words and phrases to say, "I am more than just a Successful Artist, I am Beautiful and at a Great place in Life." These words are an affirmation for me, dreams that I want to see become reality. And they are followed by the part that is somewhat unclear for me: "How to Do It," the reply to which was quite straight-forward: "get started" followed by "You Can Do It!" and a final glittery green heart.

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  1. Wow, this is a truly amazing dreamboard! Looks pretty clear to me what you're dreaming for :)
    May those dreams come true x
    Thank you so much for leaving a comment on mine - I've actually created a new blog in the last 10 days http://anotherdeepday.blogspot.co.uk/


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