Monday, September 14, 2009


Yesterday, we bought a shepards' hook for the garden in back, and hung the refilled bird feeder on it. Naturally the chickadees found it first, and this morning they were joined by a few strange birds and some chipping sparrows. After much research, we have determined that those strange new sparrows are just the chipping sparrows getting their winter plumage. :::le sigh::: I guess we'll have to travel abroad to see more...


  1. I've had bird feeders in my back yard but I end up with so many of the huge black birds out there that they scare everything else off.

  2. Pictures! Soooooon... the camera we have now just would *not* capture the birds at the feeder no matter how hard we tried... But we've ordered a new one and it's on it's way! I can't wait!


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