Monday, June 24, 2013

Product Review: Lay's Stax Que Rico Limon Potato Crisps

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I was so excited last week when we came across ANOTHER plain old lime-flavored snack!  No hot chili pepper!  And I have never actually had Lay's Stax, so I was pleasantly surprised that they are thicker than Pringles and come in a container I can get my hand in!

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These chips have SO MUCH FLAVOR!  Just look at it!  This is the amount of flavor I expected on my Wheat Thins!  But truthfully, it almost seems too much on the thinner potato crisp; I definitely cannot eat a whole serving in one sitting.  The flavor is SO tart that it singes the roof of my mouth and my tongue, and makes my lips & mouth feel all shriveled up, but it is SO good!  I think if I paired them with something cool & creamy (sour cream, guacamole, ranch dressing...?), the flavor would be just right, and I think the chips are thick enough to handle dipping!

I will definitely buy these again and relish my little half-size servings.  So with great pleasure I grant these Lay's Stax Que Rico Limon Potato Crisps...

Two Ears Up!

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