Thursday, November 01, 2012


Last night we took the kids out in the car to trick or treat over the many miles that comprise our neighborhood, they had fun dressing up and collecting candy, but we got no photos. >.<  D'oh!

However on Saturday we attended a super awesome costume party at Jacqueline's sister's in honor of her neice's birthday!  And we got pics!  ^o^

First, check out my nails... I created my own version of the galaxy manicure!  (yes, i do still have my shiny sparkly snowflakes up from last Christmas!  I love them! :P)

Base coat topped with China Glaze (CG) Smoke & Ashes, then sponge on Blue Iguana, Glittering Garland, Senorita Bonita, Some like it Haute (all CG), and Orly's Rococo-a-Go-Go. Dab on some CG Techno, and use a dotting tool to make a few white dots.  Then the fun part: top the white dots, and Some Like it Haute with glow-in-the-dark nail polish!  It doesn't distort the colors and makes your fingers glow!  ^o^  Quick dry top coat a must - 2-3 layers!

Of course these represent All of Space & Time to go with my Rose costume!  ^-^  (I tried a TARDIS, but failed; my brushes are too big!)

The next regeneration of the Doctor returns to find an older and heavier Rose Tyler... XD ...and her sonic screwdriver has been replaced with a NORMAL screwdriver! I bet the Silence did it... (Get it? The Silence, *sonic* screwdriver... HA!)

I digress.

Antonio went as a Demo Man from Team Fortress 2...

We were kinda bummed that he didn't go as Black Iron Man as he had originally planned; he had made the coolest arc reactor!  It actually lit up!  :D

And Lia and JoAnn were SOOOOOO cute!

They did Pinkie Pie & Rarity cosplays!  (You better go look at that awesome photo on black!)  Lia made her complete outfit, and JoAnn's ears... Are they not totally adorbz!?  ^o^

Anyhooo, there are a few more shots on my flickr, check them out if you want!

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