Saturday, November 21, 2009

DigiDare Scrapping

So I spent today doing some digital scrapbooking. With all the photo editing I've done, I've never really done it, but when the ladies over at DigiDare offered a whole kit to anyone who even tried, I thought I'd give it a shot! It was fun! Now, if only I had a better computer so PSP wouldn't keep crashing on me, and a better printer so I could print it out! ^-^

Here's the challenge:
  • 3 Photos in 3 different shapes (circle, rectangle, and heart)
  • 3 Papers (polka dots, dots & stripes, and lined)
  • 3 matching elements somewhere on the page (3 groups of 3 rhinestones)
  • 3 different alphas (I think I used 3x2 different alphas! ^-^)
  • 3 spots of journaling (Yup!)
  • Extra credit for those who take the THREE theme and run with it even further! (Well, it's his 3-Month birthday, and their are 3 items in each of the groups of rhinestones; does that count?)
It stumped me for a while - what to scrap - but then I remembered that Benji-boo just had his 3 month birthday! Perfect! So I found some great pis of him having a bottle from each month, et voilĂ !

I love how it turned out! If anyone wants to know about any of the papers or elements or anything, let me know, and I'll post the details. Otherwise, I'm gonna be lazy and not do it. XD


  1. Gorgeous page!!! I'm not into doing digital for myself but yours is so lovely that I can't tell it's digital!

  2. What a fun, colorful layout! I love the "papers" you used.

  3. Woww was this your first one? Its gorgeous!!


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