Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October Blog Party!

Do something holiday related everyday the month of October and blog about it. You do not have to blog everyday, just chronicle what you've been doing on each day when time permits.

Oh wow! It's been nearly 2 weeks since I updated this! Well, before we head off to TN and people think I completely flaked out, here's the list update:
  1. Started to gather surprizes for my Samhain swap partner and a few other friends...

  2. Watched The Corpse Bride

  3. Watched Cat People (1980s version)

  4. Cleaned off my altar and made it Samhain-ready!

  5. Added a spooky friend to my keyboard

  6. Made a bunch of candy wrapper bracelets (while doing scary chemistry!)

  7. Watched the crows fight the wind

  8. Started a seasonal picture

  9. Found beauty in a rainy day

  10. Enjoyed a brisk fall day at the beach

  11. Took a drive through the Pennsylvanian country-side and enjoyed the peak colors

  12. Roughed out a haunted house for a Halloween Advent calendar

    (This never got finished in time, for the 3rd year in a row...)

  13. Drew a spooky magic tree

  14. Finished some seasonal candy wrapper bracelets

  15. Finished a YA book about a witch, Bras & Broomsticks

  16. Painted a fabulous fall bunny

  17. Went overboard on a package for a friend
    [Eeep! I was so excited about it, I forgot to take pictures! >.< She should be posting some soon...
    If it's arrived! I know I should have gotten Delivery Confirmation!

  18. Bought gobs of goodies to fill said package
    [Eeep! Again I was so excited about it all, I forgot to take pictures! >.< I hope she posts soon!]

  19. Watched The Addams Family

  20. Started drawing Catrina

  21. Sketched out another quick spooky pic

  22. Finished Catrina (maybe)

  23. Finished a spooky book, lost boy, lost girl

  24. Went to a Halloween themed birthday party in costume!

    Rock Star JoAnn, Esme Ghoul (holding Zelly Ghost), Witch Jacqueline and her Witchy Apprentice Lia, Ant as Nickelback
    (get it? there's a nickel taped on his back! XD ), and Bunny Me...

  25. Stopped for some seasonal photos of the moon

  26. Watched The Crow

  27. Fleshed out some Dia de los Muertos ideas...

    Inspired by Suzi Blu for some!

  28. Working half day in Kindergarten and half day in first grade... pretty scary stuff...
    Maybe we'll fit in something else fun & festive...

  29. Going to a Rocky Horror Party!
    [Pictures will come later!]

  30. Driving through the mid-Atlantic foliage to Roan Mountain State Park in TN
    [Pictures will come later!]

  31. Halloween!
    [Pictures will come later!]
And Beyond!

We'll be celebrating Dia de los Muertos and doing other fabulously fun seasonal activities while in Tennessee, and of course Pictures will come later!

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  1. Hi!!! posting really quick because I have to go make dinner! love all your halloween goodies.

    Yes, the Bad Girls challenge ends tonight midnight pacific, I blogged twice in a row so I think that is why there was no date
    Rules are at http://www.wendyrago.typepad/project52 I think links are hard to find on my blog


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