Monday, December 31, 2007

Quick End of Year Recap Etc.

This past year definitely had its ups & downs for me. My husband, who left in Sept 06, said he'd be filing for divorce in the spring and still hasn't; there's been no word from him at all since February. My relationship with Jacqueline and the kids has grown stronger and happier, despite some bumps along the way. Jacqueline & I did 40 things for Jacqueline's 40th, swam in the lake as often as we possibly could, and chose a name for our home (Faerie Gardens). In July we threw a drunken birthday bash for me, which ended badly the next morning. I got my first job substitute teaching, and have been plagued with escalating car trouble as the year went on. We have been offered a way to finally buy this property, but I am not sure if it's a viable option anymore. I have been diagnosed as diabetic, but have lost about 30 pounds since last January, and am doing even more to get healthy.

For 2008, I have all kinds of hopes! Of course, I hope my husband files for that divorce, but if he doesn't, I hope it doesn't screw up my taxes. I hope my relationship with Jacqueline grows closer and stronger, and that we can get to have more quality time together. I hope to bond more closely to the kids and to have lots of fun family adventures! I hope to work every day I possibly can and get a good permanent job for September. I hope to swim even more often and lose even more weight and hopefully reverse the diabetes. I hope to get the car fixed and/or maybe get a smaller, more fuel efficient car for running to & from work and errands. I hope to scrap more and write more and draw more too and I hope to put a down payment on the property!

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